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Patient Testimonials

The following testimonials represent the sentiments of many of our patients after the completion of general and cosmetic dental procedures.

It is easy to recognize the enthusiasm and the high level of appreciation in these testimonials. From a dentist’s point of view, it is most gratifying to offer such a valued and appreciated service.

Thank you,

Jay A. Nelson, D.M.D.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for all you have done for me. I have never felt as comfortable about smiling as I do today. The veneers were the best thing I have every done in my life. I wish I had done it sooner. My self esteem and confidence have risen to new levels thanks to the artistic hand of you Dr. Nelson. I have always hated to go to the dentist because of my past. I truly feared it, until that is; I met you and your staff. I have never been to a dentist that cared not only about my teeth, but also about the person sitting in the chair. I am not afraid of the dentist anymore. I actually look forward to my appointments. I have recommended you to a lot of family and friends and will continue to do so. I truly believe that getting veneers is a life changing experience. I cannot thank you and your staff enough! Thanks Again,”

Erin H.

“Everything, every time I visit the office is unbelievable. For someone who has had dental fears most of her life, I actually look forward to my every-3-month visits. Debbie is wonderful, gentle and patient and I always recommend Dr. Nelson and his team to anyone who asks about a great dentist. It's so worth the drive to be treated with such respect and caring by the entire staff. Thank you for changing my life.”

Susan C.

“Back in 1989, I was extremely apprehensive searching for a new dentist in Florida. My childhood experiences of large, fillings and many painful dental visits left me with unsettling feelings about going to the dentist. With the goal of trying to keep my teeth healthy and find a dentist with whom I could trust, led me to a very early practice of Dr. Jay Nelson.

Over the years, I have watched your practice grow, providing patients with the highest level of dental care and technology. You have cared for my family members, close friends, and acquaintances. How was it that going to the dentist no longer brought back those bad childhood memories? Not to mention, your staff hardly every changed which was a message to me that perhaps this dentist “Was an okay guy to go to!” My comfort and your honesty became priceless, and remain so more than twenty years later.

One of the first impressions you leave a person with is your smile and I have always been very conscientious of my smile, never wearing a white blouse. The decision to finally have a beautiful white smile was easy to make because of the trust I have in you Jay, and for this my words are truly speechless. The best gift that I could every possibly return to you will be this new beautiful smile, where I will proudly continue to tell people about our expertise and of the gift you have given to me. So, here’s smiling at you!

With overwhelming gratitude,”

Donna J.

(PS-you can never retire!)

“I wanted to thank you for the great job during my dental procedure this week! I can honestly say I have never felt more at ease while having dental work. You all went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and I appreciate that more than you know! I am amazed at how well everything went! I am singing your praises and will refer everyone I know to you in the future. Thank you for being so patient with me and working through my anxieties. I am very grateful!!

Thank you very much!!”

Becky M.

“I can’t tell you how you’ve changed my life! Thank you.”


Christine G.

“You guys are soooo great! Thanks for being there for me in my time of need. I love you ALL!”


“Once again you and your staff have gone “above and beyond the call of duty”. It never ceases to amaze me just how wonderful you treat your patients and I want you and the rest of the group to know how much I appreciate your kindness. You are definitely an exception to the rule when it comes to the way most doctors treat their patients. Thank you again to you and your wonderful staff. Your kindness means a lot to me!!”


“Thanks! I love my teeth!!! (And you thought you were a dentist… not an artist!!!)”


Mary W.

“Thank you so much! I love my new smile!!! Your professionalism and your technical abilities are excellent.”

Judy M.

“I wish to express my thanks for making my partial upper plate so comfortable that I hardly realize that its in my mouth. After many yours of discomfort, I am happy to tell people that I’m totally satisfied with your dental work. Again, Thanks!”

Leo G.

“Thanks for being so nice! We cannot emphasize how happy we are to find a dentist like yourself who really tries to help their patients, not just to make money. One who cares about patient’s pain tolerance and is up on the latest techniques in dentistry i.e. Painless shots and we are thankful for a dentist who allows payment plans where many others wouldn’t. Again Thank You for your Great Care! You can be assured we highly recommend your services to our friends.”

“I would like, very much, to thank you. Thank you for your kindness, caring and gentleness in working on my teeth. Because of you, I’m beginning to overcome my fear of the dentist and learning also to trust. I also appreciate and like all your staff, very much!”

Very Sincerely,


“Thanks for my beautiful new smile and for a very professional staff.”

Donna L.

“Great dentist and wonderful, caring staff! Very happy with the services provided!”

Magda R.

“How about tea, cake and little sandwiches? (kidding!!) You guys are the BEST!!!! Don’t change a thing!!”

Joanne K.

“You are all so wonderful. I am always impressed with your "customer service". Thanks for all you do,”

Jacki F.

“We wish to express our appreciation for the kindness you have shown us “snowbirds”.

Having you all for our dental care is “just like home”.”