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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Gum Disease Treatment

About 80% of the population has some form of gum disease.

Relaxation Dentistry in Lutz, FL

Ease your mind with relaxation dentistry from Dr. Nelson!

Many people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, so we have created a soothing, friendly atmosphere for our patients. Our Lutz team will meet all of your needs and address your concerns. During your dental procedure, enjoy movies and music with personal headphones or pillows and blankets to make you comfortable. If you have dental anxiety or need several procedures in a single visit, Dr. Nelson may recommend relaxation dentistry.
Relaxation dentistry combines an oral medication with nitrous oxide to induce deep relaxation. The oral sedative will greatly reduce your anxiety and make time go by very quickly. Dr. Nelson may administer nitrous oxide as well, to ensure high levels of comfort. During treatment, you can respond to our commands, but many people remember little of the procedure. Because the medication’s effects may linger, a friend or relative must drive you to and from our office.

Oral Sedation

With minimal oral sedation, Dr. Nelson can help you get the care you need while you experience total relaxation. Oral sedation offers patients an effective alternative to IV sedation. An hour before your appointment, simply take the medicine that Dr. Nelson will prescribe. When you arrive, you will be escorted to our treatment room, where we will monitor your vital signs and comfort level. Dr. Nelson can administer nitrous oxide in addition to oral sedation to ensure a positive experience.
Minimal oral sedation is perfect for patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist. It can also help patients with a sensitive gag reflex or neck and back pain receive the care they need. Because oral sedation makes hours feel like minutes, Dr. Nelson can perform all of your dental treatments in a single visit!

Nitrous Oxide

In our Lutz dental office, we administer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to enhance patient comfort and relieve anxiety for patients of all ages. After you're comfortably seated in the dental chair, you'll inhale the gas (a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture) through a face mask. We will control the amount of nitrous you receive to ensure your safety. You will begin to relax, so Dr. Nelson can perform your dental work while you stay completely comfortable. The effects of nitrous oxide subside once we remove your mask, so if nitrous is the only anesthesia you receive, you will be capable of driving yourself home following the visit and can continue your daily activities as normal.
Call our Lutz dental practice to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nelson. We serve patients from New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O’Lakes, and surrounding areas with relaxation dentistry. Let us help you achieve a truly amazing smile.