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Full & Partial Dentures—Lutz, FL

Bring Back Your Complete Smile

Are you missing several or all of your natural teeth? If so, then you’re probably well aware of all the problems this can cause: eating is difficult, speech feels awkward, and smiling can seem all but impossible. Plus, without the underlying support of your teeth, your facial muscles can easily sag and make you look much older than you actually are. Thankfully, a custom-made denture in Lutz from Nelson Dentistry and Dental Sleep Medicine can help you reclaim your teeth, your bite, and your confidence all at the same time.  To learn more about dentures, the process to get them, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today.

Denture Basics

partial denture Modern-day dentures consist of a set of ceramic teeth attached to an acrylic base that is colored and shaped to resemble gum tissue. Depending on the type of denture, they are held in place using metal brackets that loop around neighboring teeth, natural suction, denture adhesive, or dental implants.

With the proper care (which just consists of regularly cleaning the denture and mouth as well as attending regular checkups), a traditional denture can be expected to last for about 5-7 years, while an implant denture will last much longer.

Our Denture Options

full dentures Based on your particular needs, Dr. Jay Nelson will recommend one of the following types of dentures that can help renew your smile:

Partial Dentures

If you still have some remaining healthy teeth, a partial denture can help fill in the gaps in your smile like the missing piece of a puzzle. They are always custom-designed based on a patient’s unique dentition, and they’re able to replace both consecutive and non-consecutive missing teeth along a single row. They are held in place using small metal attachments that hold onto adjacent teeth.

Full Dentures

For patients who need to replace an entire row of teeth, a full denture is likely the best option. They sit directly on the gums with the help of natural suction/a bit of denture adhesive. Most patients need to have a few teeth removed before they can be fitted for a full denture. They are painstakingly designed based on the shape of a patient’s jaw as well as what they want their final result to look like. The process to create them involves attending multiple appointments.

Implant-Retained Dentures

These look like traditional full or partial dentures above the gum line, but they are actually held in place using multiple titanium posts that act as prosthetic tooth roots. These anchor the prosthetic directly to the jawbone, making these dentures much more stable and secure compared to removable ones. And, because the implants actually stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone loss, they can be expected to maintain their fit for much longer as well.

Come Reclaim Your Smile

implant dentures When you come in to see Dr. Nelson for a denture consultation, he’ll briefly examine your mouth and jaw, go over your treatment options, and then he can get to work designing your dentures. His goal is to give you a prosthetic that looks just as good as it feels, so when you walk out of our dental office with your new teeth, you can do so with complete confidence.