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January 15, 2018

Your Dentist Near Wesley Chapel Offers Implant Restorations

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mature woman smilingDental implants are often touted as the best way to replace missing teeth — and all the hype is true. They’re sturdy, natural looking, and beneficial for your health. But where you go to get your implant restorations can make a big difference in the way they look and feel. You want an experienced, caring hand to place your restorations in your mouth so you can walk away feeling like a million bucks. That’s why we encourage you to visit your dentist near Wesley Chapel to complete your journey to a new, amazing smile.


December 19, 2017

Tips from Your Dentist in Wesley Chapel to Protect Your White Smile

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Before and after teeth whiteningYour teeth are important for more than just chewing and speaking. They also play a role in your self-esteem and how others view you. To ensure that you always look and feel your best, you have made the choice to visit your dentist in Wesley Chapel for a professional whitening treatment. Your teeth have become several shades whiter to restore their appearance; however, you are concerned about how long the results will last. Do not worry. With the right aftercare, you can help to reduce the development of new stains.

November 10, 2017

5 Reasons to Consider Invisalign in Lutz for the New Year

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young woman smilingWe’re getting ready to close the lid on 2017 and, if you’re anything like us, you’re thinking about the resolutions you’ll make in the New Year. Rather than choosing something you’re not sure you will really commit to (like, oh, making it to the gym every day or reading two books a month), choosing something like Invisalign in Lutz can help you enjoy truly lasting results.


October 30, 2017

Dentist in Wesley Chapel Says Be Careful Pulling Baby Teeth

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child smiling at the dentist’sAge 6 is a big year for children. It’s when they start learning how to tie their own shoes, read on their own, and it’s also usually when they start to lose teeth and get their first few visits from the tooth fairy.


September 25, 2017

Is Charcoal Teeth Whitening Safe? A Dentist Chimes In

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man hiding teethLast year, a trend involving using activated charcoal to whiten the teeth exploded on the internet. Everyone wants to have a pristinely white smile, and this method is as cost-effective as they come, so what’s not to love? Plenty, according to your dentist in Wesley Chapel. While this DIY treatment might seem harmless, it can actually do quite a bit of damage to your teeth and make you vulnerable to many other serious dental problems. (more…)

September 19, 2017

Why Invisalign in Wesley Chapel is Perfect for Adults

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smile with InvisalignYou’re an adult with crooked teeth—there’s no getting around that fact. Others probably don’t mind or even notice, but you certainly do. You’re always self-conscious about people seeing your teeth, especially when you meet them for the first time, and it’s particularly worrisome at work. You’d love to have them straightened, but the absolute last thing you want to do is attract more attention to your teeth with bulky metal braces. If this sounds remotely familiar, then Invisalign in Wesley Chapel is perfect for you. With this sleek and subtle treatment, you can effectively fix your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth without having to deal with a mouthful of metal. (more…)

August 31, 2017

Dentist in Wesley Chapel Has 3 Secret Brushing Tips

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woman putting toothpaste on toothbrushBrushing your teeth properly is one of the most important steps to enjoy a smile that lasts for a lifetime. Unfortunately, too many people don’t do a great job when it comes time to clean — or they forget to do it at all. Your dentist in Wesley, Dr. Jay A. Nelson, urges you to brush for two minutes, at least twice a day. But those are just the basics! Keep reading to learn our three not-so-common tips to improve your toothbrushing game.


July 21, 2017

Your Dentist in Wesley Chapel Discusses Dental Crowns

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Dr. Nelson is the dentist in Wesley Chapel that can repair or replace a dental crown. Thanks to modern dental materials and techniques, a restoration such as a dental crown can last for 20 years or more. However, most will eventually need to be replaced. The question is how to tell when that time arrives. Whether you’ve a had a bad crown from the start or simply need to replace one that has aged, Dr. Nelson, your dentist in Wesley Chapel can help. Read on to learn about the signs of a crown that needs replacing and how this procedure happens.


June 20, 2017

Why We’re Your Premier Dentist Near Wesley Chapel

Looking for the premier dentist near Wesley Chapel? Nelson Dentistry & Dental Sleep Medicine is worth the 5 minute drive.

You love living in Florida – you moved to the area to take the promotion of your dreams and finally live the beachside life you dreamed of your entire life. You and your family are settling in well – you’re enjoying the sunny weather, the great restaurants, and – of course – the sand between your toes. But there’s one aspect of your new life you haven’t quite figured out yet: your dentist. You want someone who’s qualified, who offers a full range of services for your entire family, and who’s close to your home, too. Who should you see? The team at Nelson Dentistry & Dental Sleep Medicine is your choice for a premier dentist near Wesley Chapel – their office in Lutz is just five minutes away from downtown.

May 12, 2017

Your Dentist In Wesley Chapel Keeps You Relaxed & Stress-Free

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Suffering from dental anxiety? Don’t let your smile suffer, too – instead work with your premier sedation dentist in Wesley Chapel.

Did you that stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Hart, and Kelly Osbourne suffer from dental anxiety? That’s right – these celebs make up part of the 15% of Americans with dental fears and phobias. But, if you have this in common with these famous people, you might also share the same bad habit of avoiding oral healthcare at all costs, which just makes dental issues worse. But luckily for you, you don’t have to be in Hollywood to receive stellar treatment for your dental anxiety, especially since Dr. Jay A. Nelson is a respected expert in sedation as your dentist in Wesley Chapel. In this post, he and the team at Nelson Dentistry and Sleep Medicine teach you about the techniques they use to keep you relaxed while caring for your smile.

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