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November 27, 2018

What Is the Purpose of a Temporary Dental Crown or Bridge?

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dental patient with mirrorA bridge or dental crown near Wesley Chapel is a way for you to regain a smile that is completely functional, healthy, and beautiful. These restorations can last for many years and provide you with the power to eat whatever you like and smile with confidence. But before you receive your permanent crown or bridge, you may have to wear a temporary one for a while. Let’s talk about the purposes that your temporary restoration fulfills.

Protect Your Prepared Teeth

In order to design a permanent restoration that fits in perfectly with your bite, your dentist must first prepare your teeth to fit underneath their crowns. This often involves modifying their shape and filing away a portion of the enamel. The process may leave the teeth extra sensitive and more vulnerable than usual to infections and other dangers.

The temporary crown or bridge provides a shield for the tooth so you can continue to eat and drink according to a fairly normal routine while you’re waiting for your permanent restoration to arrive. Just be sure to avoid hard or sticky foods; they may disturb your temporary bridge or crown or even dislodge it.

Prevent Shifting and Gum Problems

Your teeth aren’t cemented in place; they’re attached to your jawbone via tiny ligaments, which allow some movement. If you lost a tooth, therefore, the ones around the empty space may slowly begin to drift out of their proper positions. A temporary bridge helps to keep your teeth where they belong while you wait for your permanent restoration. The ability of a temporary restoration to guard against drifting is particularly important in cases where patients have to wait longer than a few days to receive their permanent restorations.

A temporary restoration also serves as a protection for your gums, helping to preserve their contours and overall health.

Take Your New Smile for a Test Drive

A temporary restoration lets you try out your new bite and get a realistic preview of what your smile will look like once your permanent restoration is in place.

Temporary crowns are usually made out of an acrylic reason, which is fairly easy for your dentist to adjust. When you receive your temporary crown or dental bridge near Wesley Chapel, therefore, you can let your dentist know how it feels, and they can make any necessary changes. They can also make sure that your observations are incorporated into the final design for your permanent restoration.

Do you need to receive a crown or bridge? Your temporary restoration is an important step on your path to a healthier smile.

About the Author

Dr. Jay A. Nelson has been proudly serving Lutz and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. Throughout the decades, he has dedicated himself to learning the finer points of dentistry and keeping up with the latest technology so he can provide the best possible care to his patients. If you believe you need a crown, bridge, or other dental work, contact our office at 813-949-0424.

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