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November 27, 2018

What Is the Purpose of a Temporary Dental Crown or Bridge?

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dental patient with mirrorA bridge or dental crown near Wesley Chapel is a way for you to regain a smile that is completely functional, healthy, and beautiful. These restorations can last for many years and provide you with the power to eat whatever you like and smile with confidence. But before you receive your permanent crown or bridge, you may have to wear a temporary one for a while. Let’s talk about the purposes that your temporary restoration fulfills.


September 16, 2018

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man suffering from toothache

Toothaches are probably the most common reason why people visit their dentist. Potential causes of tooth pain include cavities, enamel erosion and chipped or fractured teeth. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a number of treatment options, including fillings, extractions, and root canal in Wesley Chapel.


August 19, 2018

How Often Should I Replace Teeth Fillings?

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woman looking at phoneYour dentist is always there to answer your questions about your smile and oral health — and these days, it seems one of the most common that people have is how often to replace their fillings. The answer may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about when it’s time to replace those teeth fillings in Wesley Chapel!


July 15, 2018

What Enamel Erosion Is, and How a Dental Crown Can Help

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man smiling in the dental chairWhen it comes to all that can go wrong with your oral health, you probably know about cavities, gum disease, wisdom teeth, and… anything else? Education is an important factor in keeping your smile healthy as you age, and you may not know about tooth enamel erosion yet. This is what happens when the outer layer of your teeth gradually wears away due to one of several factors — and it can cause real problems when if it happens to you. Keep reading to learn more about enamel erosion, and how a dental crown in Wesley Chapel can reverse the problem.


July 14, 2018

How to Find Support When Undergoing Sleep Apnea Treatment

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group of people talkingWhen you are undergoing a big life change — like dealing with a new medical diagnosis — talking about it can help you deal immensely. But if no one you know has ever undergone sleep apnea treatment in Wesley Chapel, you may not feel like you really have someone to turn to discuss this sleep breathing disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, support groups can help because they bring together people with similar life experiences to share, support, and take on seemingly big challenges together rather than alone. Keep reading to learn more about the value of a supportive circle and how you can find a sleep apnea support group near you.


June 8, 2018

Dentist in Land O’Lakes on Sugar and Your Smile

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happy family portraitYou probably already know that sugar can damage your teeth, but are you sure exactly why and how it happens? Education on this simple fact can be crucial for preventing cavities and keeping the teeth healthy — especially for kiddos. Keep reading to learn more about how sugar causes tooth decay from your dentist in Land O’Lakes.


May 3, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Implant Dentures in Wesley Chapel

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older man smilingDentures have long been trusted as a way of replacing several missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. However, many people struggle to achieve a proper fit with a conventional denture, leaving them feeling stressed and frustrated. If you’re hoping for a more permanent solution with your dentures in Wesley Chapel, there is some very good news — enhanced security is possible with dental implants.


March 8, 2018

Does Smoking Cause Implant Failure? Your Dentist Answers

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single dental implantWhen evaluating a patient’s candidacy for dental implants, your dentist in Land O’ Lakes knows one lifestyle habit, in particular, can make a big difference — smoking. You need to be in good oral and overall health for dental implants to anchor properly in the jaw, and that just may not happen if you habitually light up.


February 5, 2018

How Invisalign in Lutz Can Do More Than Just Straighten Your Smile

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A pair of clear aligners.When you think of Invisalign, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it a straighter smile? Is it the clear aligners used to get you there? When we think of orthodontic treatments, it’s common for a straightened, more attractive smile to come to mind first. However, Invisalign in Lutz does more than give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. By straightening your teeth, you improve your bite and increase your chances of keeping your overall health intact as well.

Since most people don’t realize this, your dentist wanted to give a breakdown of the benefits straight teeth can offer you for years to come.


January 15, 2018

Your Dentist Near Wesley Chapel Offers Implant Restorations

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mature woman smilingDental implants are often touted as the best way to replace missing teeth — and all the hype is true. They’re sturdy, natural looking, and beneficial for your health. But where you go to get your implant restorations can make a big difference in the way they look and feel. You want an experienced, caring hand to place your restorations in your mouth so you can walk away feeling like a million bucks. That’s why we encourage you to visit your dentist near Wesley Chapel to complete your journey to a new, amazing smile.


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