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January 19, 2019

3 Ways to Make Your Dentures in Lutz Feel Better

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Typical set of dentures

Want to make your dentures in Lutz fit better? Three possible options include relining your current set, asking your dentist to fit you for a new denture altogether, or upgrading to an implant-supported version. Each approach offers its own blend of benefits and considerations.

Why does the Fit of Your Dentures Change over Time?

Your body is in a constant state of change. This is true for older people as well as children and teens. Just as you occasionally need to switch to a different clothing or shoe size, so you will probably have to ask your dentist to adjust your dentures from time to time. This happens because the profile of the jaw typically shrinks as we age.

Fortunately, it might not be necessary to acquire a whole new set of dentures. It may be possible to adjust your existing sat through a process known as relining. This is a good option to consider if you’re happy with your current denture and want to keep using it.

Replacing Your Existing Dentures with a New Set

Occasionally the jaw line changes so much that it’s impossible to reline the existing dentures. When this happens, the best approach is to replace the appliance entirely. Your dentist will perform a new series of measurements which will be used to create the updated restoration. Many patients find that they prefer this approach, as it enables them to enjoy the latest advances in denture design.

Is an Implant-Supported Denture the Best Option for You?

Traditional dentures have helped millions of people to regain much of the beauty and functionality that time or circumstances have taken away. However, they do have their limitations. The biggest drawback of older designs is that they rely on either adhesives or pressure against the gums to stay in place. This means they can come loose unexpectedly.

Another problem with classic dentures is that they can lead to bone loss. When the natural teeth are missing, the body often begins to reabsorb the bones in the patient’s jaw and face. This leads to aesthetic and functional problems for the patient.

Implant-supported dentures avoid this problem by giving the jaw bone the stimulation needed to stay strong and healthy. This advantage, combined with their natural strength and stability, makes implants the treatment of choice for many of today’s denture wearers.

Do you wear a partial denture? You may want to ask your dentist about an “all on four” or “all on six” implant approach, which restores multiple teeth at the same time while leaving healthy natural teeth untouched.

This approach is similar in concept to a traditional dental bridge, except that the restoration is supported by titanium fixtures embedded in the patient’s jaw, giving it superior strength while weighing almost nothing.

Modern dentistry makes it possible for denture wearers to enjoy a greater range of options than ever before. Talk to your dentist in Lutz soon about relining, replacing, or upgrading your existing set. You’ll soon find yourself with plenty of reason to smile.

About the Author

Dr. Jay Nelson has been treating patients in Lutz and the surrounding communities for 32 years. He is a frequent guest on local TV stations like WFLA, WTVT, and WTOG, where he discusses dental-related topics. You can reach his office online or by calling (813) 949-0424.

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